A theory about why Ross from Friends was TV's worst ever man has gone viral

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Thursday 10 August 2017 11:00
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One of the story lines considered a huge plot misstep by fans has recently been under review.

Spoilers from 14-years-ago are ahead

Friends ended over 13-years-ago, but it still manages to enrapture super fans as they pick over the 236 episodes.

At the end of season eight and the start of season nine, the show attempted to bring together Joey and Rachel, in a contrivance that has generally been dismissed by fans as ridiculous, and false, injected drama.

To be fair though; this is fiction, so all of the drama is 'false', and 'injected' by paid writers.

It came at the end of the season when Rachel had a baby, and the beginning of the new season. It's almost as if they wanted to put things in jeopardy, so that you watched the next season.

Even the writers seemed to lose faith in the concept, and settled on the idea that Joey and Rachel had decided they were better off as friends.

One fan theory however, argues that the plot driving pair were in fact a good couple - better than the 'will they? won't they?' pairing of Ross and Rachel.

David Schwimmer as the mopey, petty, and jealous 'love interest' Ross.

The popular 'What is Happening' Twitter account by Claire Willets shared this thread on the matter.

It is 100 tweets long. It's an 'epic thread' in the Iliad, Gilgamesh sense of 'epic'.

Also it gets David Mamet levels of sweary. You have been warned.

That was a long thread.

Ross would probably say they'd 'rambled on for 18 pages'.


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