Katy Perry calls out 'stan culture' and sparks a debate about misogyny

Tobi Akingbade
Friday 21 August 2020 11:30

Katy Perry has shared her frustration with stan culture and the misogynistic comments that come with it, and it has sparked a wider conversation.

The singer said she is constantly being pitted against other female pop stars by fans and she has had enough of it.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on 20 August Perry, who recently ended her public feud with Taylor Swift to be an “example to young girls”, compared their treatment to pop stars who are men.

Perry said:

We never see Niall Horan and Shawn Mendes fighting. You don’t read about like Ed Sheeran... and Justin Bieber fighting. Right? You never hear that.

But take any female performer, and you hear about it every single day. You wanna read my Twitter comments? No, you don’t, because it’s like, ‘Who’s better than who? Who’s skinnier than who? Who’s sold more number 1s than who?’... It’s like, ‘OK. Well, what about just liking the music?’

She’s not exactly wrong either. It is possible to enjoy two different artists without comparing them to each other. We have seen time and time again the negative sides of the music industry and how harmful it can be for women in the front row.

Let’s take Cardi B and Nicki Minaj for example. Cardi B didn't even have time to celebrate her break-out hit 'Bodak Yellow' before fans began comparing her to Minaj because they were both New York rappers of West Indian descent.

Ironically, it is very rare for men in the music industry to have feuds escalate to such a degree because of the idea that there isn’t enough room for both of them.

Of course, there are theories that record labels plant these comments and tensions to bump up record sales. But it is as clear as day that stan culture – which sees fans fighting online over the faves – can be deeply misogynistic.

This is what people online had to say after Perry's comments.

Stan culture – a term born from Eminem's track 'Stan' about an obsessed fan called Stan – has its perks when fans support their artist. We all enjoy the memes and commitment fans give to their fave. But it can be extremely detrimental when stans turn on their idols rival and fight with other fans.

Again, it seems like this is mainly done towards artists who are women.

And like Perry suggested, it's going too far.