Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar win inspired a whole new array of memes

Narjas T. Zatat@NtheodoraK
Tuesday 01 March 2016 13:00

Leonardo Di Caprio has finally won that coveted Oscar he'd been eyeing for the last 24 years.

The actor had been tormented for years, with plenty of near misses. And the internet teased him endlessly.

Remember the memes?

Last year's Wolf of Wall Street moment:

And the Oscar goes to...Mathew McConaughey

Picture: PrettyLittleVulture

The one where they're all laughing at him:

Picture: edd-de-saren

Leo's nightmares:

Leo crying


And again

Picture: knowyourmeme

While there is a bitter-sweet aftertaste as we say goodbye to the ‘Leo wants an Oscar’ meme, people took to photoshop once more to continue the doomed love affair.

Someone took a photo of him with his Oscar statue at his feet...

...and the internet exploded again:

There's the standard Inception reference:

Picture: omnishampoo

Keanu is sad(der) without a companion

A weird Leo-sitting-on-the-loo one:

Kanye West memes, because well, Kanye West:

And giving thanks to the bear from the Revenant

Let's continue the mourning period with this memorial video. Leo, it's been fun.

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