Lion King fans fix CGI in new movie to make it look more like the original

Darren Richman
Saturday 10 August 2019 14:30

A pair of canny internet users, unhappy with the realism of the new version of The Lion King, have “fixed” the CGI to make it more like the original 1994 feature film.

Many viewers of the remake were displeased with the focus on realism in a film containing animals routinely singing and dancing.

The general consensus is that the new version lacks the emotion and warmth of the Disney classic.

Artist Nikolay Mochkin and Jonty Pressinger have collaborated to create a 'deepfake' using animation from the original film and footage from the 2019 version.

The trailer packs a much more considerable punch and leaves us pondering what might have been.

HT Mashable

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