Love Island USA has kicked off but it won't stop raining, and there are lots of jokes

Lowenna Waters
Friday 12 July 2019 13:30

Love Island US has finally opened its villa doors, however, sadly for the contestants and the show's avid fans, it has been pouring down with rain.

While Love Island UK is filmed in sunny Majorca, where the sun seems to beat down non-stop on the bikini and shorts-clad contestants, there is a major difference in the US version of the show.

The US version is filmed in Fiji, in the South Pacific, and, unfortunately enough, the producers appear to have chosen the rainy season to film it in. Well, that's awkward, isn't it?

Despite having a healthy budget of $30 million, the one thing that the producers didn't have control over was the weather.

This resulted in numerous chats having to be conducted under awnings, and a whole lot of puddles appearing across the villa.

Obviously, viewers noticed what was going on, and took to social media to express their thoughts.

Oh well, guys, it is what it is!


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