Netflix can tell the exact moment you get hooked on a show

Friday 25 September 2015 16:00

Fifteen minutes into Netflix and chill? You might be watching a bit longer than that.

It's not exactly a surprise that the streaming giant keeps tabs on our viewing habits, but in the most obvious departure from how watching TV used to work in the olden days, it turns out that almost nobody gets "hooked" on a series pilot anymore.

The company has released data it says shows the magic episode that keeps at least 70 per cent of viewers watching until the end of the series - if not longer - for 25 of their top shows.

For Breaking Bad and Scandal, it only takes two episodes to turn someone into a fan - but Mad Men takes six episodes, and How I Met Your Mother, eight.

Arrow — Episode 8

Bates Motel — Episode 2

Better Call Saul — Episode 4

Bloodline — Episode 4

BoJack Horseman — Episode 5

Breaking Bad — Episode 2

Dexter — Episode 3

Gossip Girl — Episode 3

Grace & Frankie — Episode 4

House of Cards — Episode 3

How I Met Your Mother — Episode 8

Mad Men — Episode 6

Marco Polo — Episode 3

Marvel’s Daredevil — Episode 5

Once Upon a Time — Episode 6

Orange is the New Black — Episode 3

Pretty Little Liars — Episode 4

Scandal — Episode 2

Sense8 — Episode 3

Sons of Anarchy — Episode 2

Suits — Episode 2

The Blacklist — Episode 6

The Killing — Episode 2

The Walking Dead — Episode 2

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt — Episode 4

Netflix said the data was collected this year from viewers in Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, the UK and US, Australia and New Zealand.

Long live the bingeathon!

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