Netflix user reveals secret code that displays every true crime documentary

Liam O'Dell@LiamODellUK
Wednesday 17 March 2021 16:56
A phone is held before a TV bearing the Netflix corporate logo(AFP via Getty Images)

It’s impossible to say you’ve seen everything on the streaming platform Netflix. As their slogan “See What’s Next” suggests, there’s always something else to binge on from its never-ending catalogue.

However, according to one TikTok user, entering in the code ‘9875’ can reveal a specific category of programme on the site.

In a video posted last month, they wrote: “Every single crime documentary. Thank me later.”

The post has since received more than 2.8 million views and 260,000 likes, with commenters sharing other codes used to reveal Netflix’s hidden categories.

“5972 to see all [Harry Potter] movies, thank me later,” one wrote.

Another commented with a series of codes, including for reality TV (9833), TV dramas (11714) and crime thrillers (10499).

In addition to the above figures, a full list of codes has been compiled on the Ogres Crypt website, with categories ranging from comic book and superhero movies to baseball movies.

As well as categories, the codes can also signpost users to shows starring specific actors such as Tom Hanks and Eddie Murphy, as well as films directed by a specific individual like Steven Spielberg.

The codes can be entered in the search bar of the TV app, or on a web browser after typing

They cannot be inputted on the mobile app, NOW TV boxes or the Amazon Firestick.

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