The mind-blowing Ratatouille fan theory that is going round the internet

Mimi Launder
Monday 04 December 2017 14:30
(YouTube screengrab / Jeugos para ninos / Disney Pixar)

Rejoice. This fan theory isn't here to ruin a favourite childhood film, but make it even more heartwarming.

Of course, everyone remembers the ending of the Pixar movie Ratatouille which brought us all to tears when it came out in 2007.

Here's a refresher anyway: snobby food critic Ego praises Remy the rat's food, saying it reminds him of his mother's cooking, thus validating his dreams of becoming a chef.

Now, an Imgur user has uncovered a new, very convincing theory.

Get ready.

Here is Ego mum's house where she used to cook ratatouille for Ego in the countryside.

Picture: ManImgurUsernamesAreDifficultToThinkOf(ManImgurUsernamesAreDifficultToThinkOf)

Take note of the items circled in red, then cast your mind back to the beginning of the film when Remy is staying in the house of the old woman.

Well, it turns out that Ego's mother and the old woman own a weirdly similar items - including a tea pot, hanging basket, sink, curtains and stove.

Picture: ManImgurUsernamesAreDifficultToThinkOf(ManImgurUsernamesAreDifficultToThinkOf / Imgur)

Here's more evidence.

This is young Ego at his mother's house.

Picture: ManImgurUsernamesAreDifficultToThinkOf(ManImgurUsernamesAreDifficultToThinkOf)

Now, look at the old woman's house and tell me that the chair and fireplace aren't exactly the same.

Picture: ManImgurUsernamesAreDifficultToThinkOf

The conclusion? Ego's mother grew old, moved house and Remy grew up watching her cook.

So, Ego said Remy's cooking reminded him of his mother's because Remy grew up watching Ego's mum cook.

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