Russell Crowe had a brutal response to a fan who called one of his movies boring

Joanna Taylor
Tuesday 19 January 2021 11:31
(Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images for AFI)

Russell Crowe had a savage response to a fan who called one of his movies boring.

Musician Ian McNabb tweeted:

“Lots of folk complaining about lack of sleep during the Pandemic. May I recommend Master and Commander starring the usually captivating, attention-grabbing Russell Crowe. I’ve never made it past the ten minute mark. You’re welcome. And thanks Russell.”

Crowe didn’t take this brutal assessment of his 2003 war epic lightly. He responded:

“That’s the problem with kids these days. No focus.

Peter Weir’s film is brilliant. An exacting, detail oriented, epic tale of fidelity to Empire & service, regardless of the cost. Incredible cinematography by Russell Boyd & a majestic soundtrack. Definitely an adults movie.”

McNabb hit back that he’s 60, which makes him four years Crowe’s senior. 

Crowe wasn’t the film’s only defender and he certainly isn’t its only fan.

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World was a hit with critics. Set during the Napoleonic wars, it has Crowe playing a Royal Navy captain sent to hunt down a French vessel sailing off the South American coast. It won two Oscars, including one for cinematography – in the same year that Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King was released.

It also has a legion of fans, who came out in force to tell McNabb exactly what they thought of his opinion.

Art is subjective and everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.

But maybe tagging Crowe in a tweet ridiculing one of his achievements wasn’t the best idea.