Scary Spice is the favourite Spice Girl of feminists

Mimi Launder
Monday 09 April 2018 11:45

Scary Spice is the most popular Spice Girl among feminist fans of the girl power group - but the least popular with everyone else.

Baby Spice is the most popular Spice Girl with more 36 per cent of the vote, a YouGov poll of more than 31,000 Brits found. Sporty Spice comes next at 23 per cent, then Ginger at 19 per cent, and Posh at 12 per cent.

But Scary languishes at the bottom with just 9 per cent of respondents naming her as the best member.

Picture: YouGov(YouGov)

While 31 per cent of Scary Spice's fans would describe themselves as a 'feminist', only 15 to 20 per cent of fans of other Spice Girls were happy with the term.

Not only are Scary Spice fans the most into girl power, but they are also the biggest music lovers with almost one in five describing themselves as "music obsessive".

Loving music might not hint at some deep insight into feminism, but at least we can conclude that feminists enjoy a good boogie - the kind of boogie the Spice Girls championed during their explosive rise in the '90s, both marking the path to modern feminism and a wildly fun time doing it.

Friendship is most important to those who favour Posh Spice.

The matey message of Wannabe resonated most with fans of Posh Spice, who are most likely to agree with the statement "my friendship group is a really important part of my life".

Posh, unsurprisingly, also has the most fashionable fan base.

Picture: YouGov(YouGov)

Clearly, all five Spice Girls remember that friendship never ends: the former band are rumoured to have been invited to the upcoming wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after Scary Spice recently dropped a heavy hint.

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