Andrew Neil got upset about a column Stewart Lee wrote about him - and it backfired, badly

Lowenna Waters
Wednesday 06 March 2019 13:00
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Andrew Neil has kicked off on a tantrum again, this time about the comic Stewart Lee, who wrote a less than flattering piece about him in the Guardian.

There's only one problem, his takedown massively backfired.


Taking to the social media platform in a huff, Neil wrote:

We used to think the Guardian a serious newspaper. Now it publishes garbage like this. At least we never thought Stewart Lee (who he - ed) a comic.

The Guardian article that angered Neil starts with the unflattering paragraph:

Last week, supposedly unprecedented spring wildfires raged across dry, bushy and exposed areas.

On Monday, having dealt with serious incidents at Saddleworth Moor and Hundred Acre Wood, teams of specialised firefighters also attended the small piece of Shredded Wheat that lives on top of Andrew Neil’s head.

It then continues in a similar vein, also mentioning Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn, and hungry Spaniards, yes, really.

Some were quick to point out that it's only comedy.

Nope, definitely, definitely not a self-own.

It's an opinion piece, Andrew.

Is someone doing a big pretend?

Even good old Richard Bacon got involved.

Yes, looks like a big pretend to us!

Ah, great, Neil is rising above it all. Well done to him.

Stewart Lee couldn't have done better himself.

To sum up, thanks for sharing, Andrew. Real nice of you.

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