The 10 most talked about TV moments of 2014

Dina Rickman@dinarickman
Monday 15 December 2014 13:00

These are the 10 most talked about TV moments of 2014, according to analysis of Twitter by digital agency Telegraph Hill. And yes, there are spoilers below.

1. Sherlock returns in "The Empty Hearse”

This was the most discussed TV moment in 2014 with over 639,000 tweets.

2. Oberyn’s death in Game of Thrones

There were more than 404,000 tweets about this death.

3. Cheryl Cole’s return to the X Factor

More than 372,000 twitter conversations expressed happiness about this.

4. Gemma Collins from TOWIE’s parachute anxiety in I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

Collins' anxiety when faced with parachuting into the jungle was the fourth most emotionally resonant TV moment with 336,000 tweets recorded mostly expressing a malicious pleasure in her misfortune.

5. The opening of the 13th series of Celebrity Big Brother

Contestants such as Dappy and Liz Jones entered the house handcuffed together - resulting in more than 326,000 tweets.

6. Collabro’s Britain’s Got Talent audition.

Collabro’s rendition of Stars from Les Miserables led to 215,000 twitter conversations.

7. ‘Bin-gate’ in Great British Bake Off

There were more than 180,000 tweets expressing shock and anger.

8. Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor Who

There were more than 178,000 tweets after Capaldi appeared as the 12th doctor.

9. Alex forgetting he cheated on Binky in Made in Chelsea

This drove 168,000 (mainly angry) tweets.

10. The triple firing in The Apprentice.

Lord Sugar told Steven Ugoalah, Sarah Dales and Ella Jade Bitton they were fired - resulting in 114,000 tweets.

Telegraph Hill looked at Twitter conversations to identify moments that had real emotional impact to determine their list. Psychologists then looked at the tweets to determine sentiment.

Psychotherapist Dr Aaron Balick, an expert in the psychodynamics of social networking, says: “While Twitter has the reputation for being a nasty place, the word ‘love’ was tweeted six times for every ‘hate’ and ‘good’ five times for every ‘bad.’"

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