These Sly Stallone quotes on Jason Statham's diving skills are surreal

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Tuesday 05 August 2014 13:50

Jason Statham nearly died while filming the Expendables 3, but managed to save himself because of his "Olympic-quality" diving skills.

Or at least, so says co-star Sylvester Stallone:

He was test-driving a three-ton truck and the brakes run out. It went down 60ft into the Black Sea and became impaled.

If anyone else had been in that truck we would have been dead because we were all wearing heavy boots and gun belts.

We would have drowned. But because Jason is an Olympic-quality diver he got out of it.

The quotes are perhaps all the more significant because a stuntman in the Expendables 2 prequel died during filming.

Statham famously competed for England at the Commonwealth Games in 1990 before turning to a career in Hollywood.

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