Weakest Link episode from 2002 goes viral thanks to ‘terrifying’ celebrity lookalike contestants

Joshua Zitser
Tuesday 24 November 2020 10:14

For over a decade, The Weakest Link entertained the nation and built a following of adoring fans.

Anne Robinson’s brutal take-downs of well-meaning contestants made for TV gold.

Now, many years after the show was last broadcast, a clip has resurfaced of a particularly strange one-off episode.

In 2002, The Weakest Link broadcast a celebrity lookalike special – where every member of the 

In this resurfaced clip, we’re introduced to an Anne Robinson doppelgänger and a panel of celebrity impersonators.

First up is a Tony Blair lookalike who, in our opinion, doesn’t look much like the former prime minister.

Then, we meet Marilyn Monroe, Jamie Oliver and Victoria Beckham. 

There’s also a David Beckham lookalike, Elton John, Joan Collins, Chris Tarrant and even the Queen.

The quality of the impersonations is, erm, questionable.

People had a lot of thoughts on this blast from the past.

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If you want to watch the episode in its entirety, you’re in luck.

Somebody has uploaded it all to YouTube.