What happens when you walk around Hollywood with a fake Oscar

Matthew Champion@matthewchampion
Monday 02 March 2015 19:20

TL;DR: People give you a lot of free stuff and claim to have loved your film.

The Oscars may have long been and gone, but Mark David Christenson of New Media Rockstars has only just published this viral offering.

The premise is that no one actually knows what the people who win the majority of the Oscars look like. Everyone could recognise Eddie Redmayne but how about (chosen at random) Tom Cross, the winner of best film editing for Whiplash?

So Christenson, donning a tux and clutching a fake Oscar statue, tried to see just how far he could get on the night of the Oscars.

Highlights include a woman asking for a selfie "with your Grammy", a hug from someone who said she saw his acceptance speech, and confirmation from a bouncer that he didn't need to see any credentials: "You got an Oscar, that's your ID."

Watch the clip below:

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