Idris Elba fans are disappointed by rumours that Tom Hardy has been chosen as the next Bond

Louis Staples
Saturday 19 September 2020 12:30

It feels like rumours over the next actor to play James Bond have been swirling since the dawn of time.

At one point Tom Hiddleston was the rumoured choice, but then his short-lived romance with Taylor Swift (complete with that very wet I <3 TS tank top) somehow torpedoed his chances.

And now unsubstantiated rumours have gained traction on Twitter that Tom Hardy has been chosen as the successor to Daniel Craig. Hardy will allegedly play 007 in the films which follow ‘No Time To Die’, released later this year.

The trending rumour originated from an unsubstantiated report on a website called The Vulcan Reporter. The report suggests that Hardy was set to be unveiled as the new 007 in November, but the plan was disrupted by Covid-19.

While lots of fans are happy with this rumoured choice, it has also disappointed some people.

Fans of Idris Elba in particular had their hopes up that the ‘Luther’ actor would be chosen to take on the role and become the first Black actor to play Bond.

To many these rumours feel like a historic opportunity might have been wasted.

The good news for Elba fans is that this is very much still a rumour. So perhaps he's still in the running?

Still, if true, it does feel like a missed opportunity, because Elba would've likely been great.