Ivanka Trump announced a trip to Alabama and there are too many jokes to deal with

Emma Snaith
Tuesday 10 September 2019 09:45

Ivanka Trump has reignited the #Sharpiegate scandal after announcing plans to visit Alabama, the state her father falsely claimed was likely to be hit by Hurricane Dorian.

A week ago, the US president released a video where he presented a official weather chart showing the states that could be hit by the storm in what the National Hurricane Centre (NHC) calls the “cone of uncertainty”.

But a curved black line had been added to the cone on that chart to show a risk that Dorian could move from Florida to Alabama.

After a sharpie pen was spotted lying on Trump's Oval Office desk, many believed that the US president had personally doctored the map.

Earlier in the week, Trump had repeatedly claimed that Alabama was "most likely to be hit harder than anticipated", despite the NHC saying that the state would not see any impact from Dorian.

The furore over the map had barely died down when Ivanka announced her upcoming trip to the state.

Of course, Twitter responded with some Category 5 jokes.

And #Sharpiegate was not forgotten.

Others asked whether Ivanka would be wearing THAT dress again

Since the Alabama saga began, Trump has been forced to deny personally doctoring the hurricane map featured in his White House video.

It has also emerged that the US secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross allegedly threatened to fire top employees at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration after they contradicted Trump's claims about the likelihood of Dorian hitting the state.

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