There is more cocaine in London's sewers than any other city in Europe

Today in Broken Britain we have this news: London has a higher concentration of cocaine in its sewage than anywhere else in Europe.

The UK capital nudged out Amsterdam to win the top spot in the Cocaine In Sewers League Table (yes, that's a real thing) in drug use data in 50 cities compiled by the EMCDDA.

The research shows that 737mg of cocaine was flushed away per 1,000 Londoners every day last year. Amsterdam was a close second with 716mg per 1,000 people, and Antwerp in Belgium came in third with 632mg.

European city sewer systems with the highest concentrations of cocaine (per 1,000 people):

1. London - 727.3mg

2. Amsterdam - 716.4mg

3. Antwerp - 632.7mg

4. Zurich - 598.3mg

5. Barcelona - 461.1mg

6. Basel - 453.5mg

7. Geneva - 447.6mg

8. Eindhoven - 380.8mg

9. Valencia - 278.2mg

10. Bern - 365.1mg

Source: European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction

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