Woman writing racist email on plane ride exposed by the size of her font

Man caught harassing, making racist remarks towards two patrons at San Ramon …

A woman's racist email has been making the rounds online after her extra-large font drew attention from a fellow passenger.

In a viral clip viewed almost 7 million times, TikTok user @mizz_crizzy shared her "first racist encounter" while on board a flight to Canada.

The TikToker posted footage of the offensive message, which showed the woman writing: "I am looking out the window. [The] other two seats are taken by two very large dolled-up black ladies."

The email went on to describe one of them as "extremely hostile" and that she was "being very pleasant just to annoy her."

The elderly white woman's message continued: "She makes Serena Williams look like Twiggy."

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My first racist encounter

Throughout the ten minute clip, the TikToker openly comments on her behaviour – which the woman fails to acknowledge.

The clip was inundated with thousands of comments, with many apologising that the two passengers had to experience that.

"The fact yous are sitting right next to her reading her message out loud," one person commented, while another highlighted: "She practically wrote it on a poster".

A third joked: "By the time she's done texting I would have given birth to my first born and I'm not even pregnant!"

Many more people insisted on a follow-up clip for more context on the situation.

In a separate post, she said that when she boarded the plane, the elderly woman gave her and her sister "a sarcastic hi".

The flight attendant then asked the passenger to put her bag underneath her seat, to which she said "she couldn't hear her".

The TikToker tried to help and pointed to the bag and reiterated the flight attendant's message, to which she thanked her.

She admits that she initially thought she was a "nice old lady" – that was until she started typing away.

"I was lost for words," she said. "This was the first time this has ever happened."

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