11 letters to Santa that will remind you what it was like to be young and innocent

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Monday 18 December 2017 16:15
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A child's belief in Santa is a pure thing.

Writing a letter to Santa Claus, and sleeping in fitful bursts is a mark of that quintessential time we were all young and believed in the magic of a fat man squeezing himself down our chimney and dispensing presents.

Adults decided to share the letters children in their lives wrote to Father Christmas.

They're adorable:

1. This child, who says they want 'three puppies and a giraff' but doesn't forget the mamas' coffees:

2. Griffin, whose wish is for American footballer Ryan Shazier (who suffered an injury during a game last week) to feel better.

Talk about selfless.

3. Cameron, who used his letter to Santa to apologise because he didn't use the pogo stick from last year.

4. And this child, who's made it super easy for Santa

5. Not sure whether it's the 'P.S. Don't watch people when they are in the bathroom' or the fact that it's written with a typewriter, but this kid is a gem:

6. This list

No. 8 in particular.

7. Had me at 'I don't fart on people'

8. Zach, who wants Santa to give presents to people who don't have a home.

9. And this child, who actually cares about Santa's well being

Don't go down the chimney, it leads to the furnace.


10. Tessa, who...wants four gallons of glue.

11. And finally Zaira, who asked Santa for Cheeseballs.

Oh to be young again.

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