Eleven of the best comebacks of all time

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Monday 30 May 2016 18:00

This week the National Spelling Bee publicly shamed a lad called Kyle Chapman.

Having suffered such a serious burn, Chapman deleted his Twitter account. Inspired by this, indy100 has scoured the internet for more of the greatest Twitter put downs - these zingers prove branter can be funny, and PR are people too:

1. Tesco Mobile brings the sass

2. Remember when the Liberal Democrats had swag?

3. Or when Labour used to attack the Tories?

4. Taco Bell deserves to have their own list

5. Touché, Sainsbury's

6. Not so innocent after all

7. Cadbury krafts the perfect reply

8. Tesco Mobile strikes again

And since then they have even kept in touch with @LiyahSummers :

9. I choose Sega, backchat attack

10. Even funnier if read as Sean Bean

11. And Argos is down with the kidz

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