12 uncomfortably full images that reveal how crowded China is

Louis DorJoe Vesey-Byrne
Monday 19 September 2016 13:15
((Picture: JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images))

China's population is 1.38 billion. The population density is 147.2 people per square kilometre, according to the UN.

That doesn't sound that busy because China's population is spread out both in dense cities and sprawling rural areas - but compare it to Beijing's 1,300 people per squared kilometre, and things get a bit more claustrophobic.

We've trawled through the archives to find some images which perfectly represent how crowded a city in China can be.

Remember, breathe, you're not there.

1. How about a quick trip on a train?

People head to their trains after waiting at a railway station in Hefei, in central China's Anhui province (Picture: STR/AFP/Getty Images)(STR/AFP/Getty Images)

2. Definitely not.

A subway train in Beijing,12 December 2007 (Picture: Feng Li/Getty Images)(Feng Li/Getty Images)

3. Especially when you look at the queue to get in.

Chinese commuters line-up at a security check to enter a subway station on 29 May2014 in Beijing, China (Picture: Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)(Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)

4. Maybe the airport instead?

Beijing Capital International Airport, February 4, 2015 (Picture:STR/AFP/Getty Images)(STR/AFP/Getty Images)

5. Or the car?

A traffic jam in Beijing, 23 June 2011 (Picture: STR/AFP/Getty Images)(STR/AFP/Getty Images)

6. There are certainly plenty of taxis to collect you from the airport.

7. Well, what do you want to go see? What about the Great Wall?

The Badaling section of the Great Wall on 16 August 2008 in Beijing, China (Picture: Andrew Wong/Getty Images)(Andrew Wong/Getty Images)

8. Maybe the beach?

Fujiazhuang beach, August 16, 2015 in Dalian, China (Picture: VCG/VCG via Getty Images)((Picture: VCG/VCG via Getty Images))

9. How about some shopping?

A department store on 29 November 2008 in Chengdu of Sichcuan Province, China (Picture: China Photos/Getty Images)(China Photos/Getty Images)

10. Or a music festival?

The Strawberry Music Festival in Beijing on 1 May 2014 (Picture: WANG ZHAO/AFP/Getty Images)(WANG ZHAO/AFP/Getty Images)

11. Or possibly a street market?

A street market during Lunar New Year on 24 January 2009 (Picture:TED ALJIBE/AFP/Getty Images)(TED ALJIBE/AFP/Getty Images)

12. How about taking in a horse race?

13. Maybe just stick to something relaxing, like a lazy day in the pool?

If you don't like crowds it's probably best not to leave the hotel. If you do, then this is the place for you!

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