This 12-year-old's restaurant review is utterly brutal

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Thursday 17 August 2017 08:15
Picture:(YouTube / River Cottage)

The most you’ll typically hear from a child when you ask how their food was is, “what’s for dessert?”

But other children can be slightly more discerning when it comes to culinary prowess, including the 12-year-old daughter of River Cottage head chef Gill Meller.

Meller reccently shared a photo on Instagram of one of his daughter’s scathing reviews, left on a restaurant’s napkin.

He wrote the caption:

Even first-hand restaurant recommendations can be way off the mark, unfortunately. 

Here with my youngest daughter’s review (left on a napkin) of tonight’s somewhat alarming supper.

Picture: Instagram screen grab / Gill Meller(Instagram / Gill Meller)

The review is hilariously sassy and remakably biting at times.

She wrote:

I feel as if your calamri should be more crispy and your garlic mayo is discusting [sic].

Your water is warm and makes me chunder.

You need to provide butter with your bread and clean the table when people are finished.

AKA your restraunt is hell in a shell.

It looks like someone might be following in their dad's footsteps - or at the very least Jay Rayner's.

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