13 (sort of) famous people with the worst profile pictures on Wikipedia

Louis Dor
Wednesday 20 April 2016 18:30

If there's one thing that reddit is absolutely fantastic for, it's crowdsourcing material from the internet.

In this case, the askreddit sub managed to compile a collection of the worst pictures on wikipedia pages.

Sometimes it's due to unflattering depictions, sometimes because of context, sometimes they are awful simply because they consist of 216 pixels.

It's an absolutely amazing thread to read, featuring great (although NSFW) comments such as...

Looks like Beethoven's ballsack.

To see what on earth we're talking about, click the images below to reveal:

There's many, many more on the original reddit thread, which is being added to presently and is well worth a read.

Note: It was poor Mr Georges Danton compared to Ludwig van Beethoven's nether regions.

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