14 Daily Star headlines that were actually mostly true

Dina Rickman@dinarickman
Friday 03 October 2014 12:00

Sadly this list does not feature monster super rats the size of cows. And yes, this list does come in the wake of the black eyed ghost children.

1. Yep, true.

2. Like everyone else, we’ve seen the video.

3. True. And how we celebrated.

4. File this from April 2011 under things which were true, eventually.

5. Speaking of that...

6. True.. in 1985.

Daily Mail

7. Sadly a miracle was not forthcoming.

8. True, apart from the 'being from hell' part.

9. This happened.

White Dee suggested running in a piece for the Spectator.

10. Half true.

In April 2014, two separate studies (one by consumer group Which?, one by the Food Standards Agency) found that several takeaways were selling lamb dishes containing “unidentified meats”. Those meats have not yet been identified as mutant rats, but they did lead Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to comment that he was concerned about the possibility of rats - mutant of otherwise - in our kebabs.

11. Yes, Prince Harry did offer to buy a pub in Devon for £650,000...

.. But it was a joke.

12. Technically true.

According to the Mirror, Conchita Wurst’s earnings could reach £25m from album sales and a tour

13. Well, the bit about Tintin is true.

There is a Tintin comic about a plot to kidnap a millionaire from a supersonic jet on an Indonesian island, Flight 714.

14. Half true. It was the driest September since records began.