14 people who prove you don't need good grades to be successful

Louis Dor
Friday 20 May 2016 18:00
Picture: Chris Jackson/Getty Images for Invictus Games

It's exam season, and no doubt students around the country are imagining what could happen if they fail to achieve a top mark.

You wouldn't be the only ones - and it's not the end of your life.

In 2015, former president of the United States George W Bush delivered the commencement address at Southern Methodist University.

He made a point about grades at university not affecting your potential in life:

To those of you who are graduating this afternoon with high honors, awards and distinctions, I say, ‘Well done.’

And as I like to tell the C students: You too, can be president.

He's not wrong either - other former presidents such as John F Kennedy, Lyndon B Johnson and Bush’s father, George HW Bush achieved poor grades in school at one point or another.

Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are often-cited examples of entrepeneurs who achieved billions by dropping out of college, while Richard Branson famously left school at 16.

Although, we should point out that most of these people were men from wealthy backgrounds...

Here's a brief list of other successes who took their education into their own hands - vote for your favourite:

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