20 of the most spectacular newspaper corrections ever

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Thursday 13 August 2015 16:30

This week, the Times battled with the age-old question: "Is the Pope a Catholic?" But it's certainly not the first newspaper to have to clarify an earlier blunder...

1. A minor detail

2. Barack Obama is not the anti-Christ

The Lexington Dispatch, a local newspaper in North Carolina, has issued an apology after mistakenly reporting that one of its readers thought president Barack Obama was the Antichrist.

3. How many pigs?!

A Morning Bulletin reporter didn't quite catch that right.

4. A goat war cometh

According to an edition of the Argus anyway.

5. No Metro, not that Lulu

6. The importance of the comma

From the New York Times.

7. A Python's venom

After John Cleese's withering put down of Piers Morgan in June, the Guardian covered the story with the words "Python's venom" in the headline. After the former Monty Python pointed out their error on Twitter, they made this correction:

Well played.

8. Rock and roll

From the Morning Sentinel.

9. A slight miscalculation from the LA Times

10. Alex Salmond urged to remain sob.. er, statesmanlike

11. Maybe he just drinks slowly?

From Slate.

12. Poor Mary Fraijo

From the Spokesman Review.

13. The importance of hyphens

From the Guardian.

14. Wolves are bad, but not that bad

From the Guardian, again.

15. "Not envious"

From the Cumbernauld News and Kilsyth Chronicle.

16. Mr Brownridge has earned himself quite the reputation

17. One of the most touching newspaper corrections

From the Queensland Courier-Mail.

18. The Sun, apologising to extra-terrestrial beings...

19. All the wrong places

From the Tampa Bay Times.

20. Sorry, Diane

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