9 things you do everyday that are illegal somewhere

Dina Rickman@dinarickman
Friday 08 August 2014 10:00

Strewth! Swearing in certain parts of Australia could land you with a £275 fine. Swot up on this list of lesser-known foreign crimes released by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office to avoid any nasty surprises on holiday.

1. Wearing camouflage

Illegal in Barbados

2. Mooning

This is illegal in Greece

3. Bringing mineral water

Illegal in Nigeria

4. Driving a dirty car

Illegal in Russia

5. Driving on the motorway without an annual pass

Motorway drivers must buy annual pass

6. Jaywalking

Illegal in US, Czech Republic and Poland

7. Bringing in e-cigarettes

Illegal in UEA

8. Swearing

Illegal in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, Australia

9. Honking a car horn near a hospital

Illegal in Cyprus