A blisteringly good argument for staying in the EU involving Union Jack underpants

Bethan McKernan@mck_beth
Tuesday 14 June 2016 17:00
Picture: Catrin Austin/Flickr

AA Gill is to restaurants what Jeremy Clarkson is to cars.

The writer and food critic is bang on the money when talking about what's on his plate, but to put it politely, some of his other opinions are more... controversial.

Which has left many people a bit bemused by a piece Gill wrote for the Sunday Times this weekend, putting forward his case for why the UK should remain in the European Union. (Clarkson is also surprisingly pro-EU, in case you were wondering).

In an erudite attack on that "pernicious Little English drug, nostalgia", Gill demolishes the idea that leaving the EU will see the dawning of the new golden age the Brexiteers promise.

And it appears to be this quote in particular comparing voting Leave to a messy divorce that has really stuck a chord:

We listen to the Brexit lot talk about the trade deals they’re going to make with Europe after we leave, and the blithe insouciance that what they’re offering instead of EU membership is a divorce where you can still have sex with your ex. They reckon they can get out of the marriage, keep the house, not pay alimony, take the kids out of school, stop the in-laws going to the doctor, get strict with the visiting rights, but, you know, still get a shag at the weekend and, obviously, see other people on the side.

Really, that’s their best offer? That’s the plan? To swagger into Brussels with Union Jack pants on and say: '’Ello luv, you’re looking nice today. Would you like some?'

Any comment on that, Boris? What about you Nige?

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