A girl keeps giving this guy's number out as her fake one. What he does next is brilliant

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Wednesday 28 September 2016 07:30

When Joey Royle received a message from a number he didn’t recognise he knew that, yet again, a woman somewhere had given out his number instead of her own to fend off unwanted attention.

But unlike other times – where he ignored the message – he brought forth his alter ego: Elsie.

Behold his troll:

The man in question started off solidly: nothing says intelligent with a sprinkle of pretentiousness like referencing a 17th century artist

(Picture: Joey Royle/Facebook)

Elsie engages in witty repartee

Picture: Joey Royle/Facebook(Picture: Joey Royle/Facebook)

Uno and brie sounds better than Netflix and Chill tbh

(Picture: Joey Royle/Facebook)

Obviously Elsie hadn't made the rendezvous. Because she's, you know - Joey...

(Picture: Joey Royle/Facebook)

Elsie made up an elaborate lie. A week after no communication and the poor guy still reached out (in a completely casual and nonchalant way)...

(Picture: Joey Royle/Facebook)

It almost threw Joey Elsie, but she saved it quickly...

(Picture: Joey Royle/Facebook)

And Elsie, who was probably getting rather sick of the messages, nipped the issue firmly in the bud

(Picture: Joey Royle/Facebook)

If you've been stood up by an Elsie in Melbourne, it may well have been this one:

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