A tiny hamster broke his leg so he got a tiny cast

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Sunday 28 August 2016 12:00
Picture: victoriarak/iStock

A tiny hamster was given a tiny cast. Pretty self explanatory, prepare to coo and proceed to snap your own pets' ligaments in an effort to recreate this cuteness in your own home.

Disclaimer: Please don't do that.

On this day of mourning, over the loss of a member of BLT, here is some good news from the animal kingdom, a story of recovery.

A user on Reddit, GeorgeOnee, posted this photograph of the hamster wearing a tiny cast. No information was given other than this caption:

Little fellow broke his arm...

Picture: GeorgeOnee/Reddit

Maybe if we all use a bookie's biro we can sign the cast.

People have been (naturally) very pleased by the news he is on the road to full health.

This is the best hamster related medical situation since the 2015 image of a Korean hamster wearing a protective cone and leg cast.

Again, please do not purposefully injure your pets for the retweets.

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