A weird upside down image of Adele is freaking people out on the internet

Louis Dor
Thursday 03 March 2016 12:00
Picture: TurnYourPhone/Twitter

An upside-down photo of Adele is making the internet's head hurt, and we're betting yours will too.

Pictures of celebrities are being circulated on Twitter by an account appropriately named "Turn Your Phone", such as this one of Adele:

Don't see anything wrong with it? Scroll down and we've flipped it for you...

Make. It. Stop.

There are also images of Nicki Minaj and Hillary Clinton, with similarly flipped eyes and lips, which are very much confusing people.

So we've decided to have our own take on it, knocking together some headshots of British politicians (and Donald Trump for good measure) with a little Photoshop magic.

David Cameron:

Jeremy Corbyn:

Theresa May:

Nigel Farage:

Boris Johnson:

Michael Gove:

Natalie Bennett:

Donald Trump:

All images Getty, edited by indy100 unless otherwise stated.

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