One of the world’s biggest airlines tried to celebrate gay Pride. It went horribly wrong

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Tuesday 08 August 2017 10:45
Picture:(Twitter / Royal Dutch Airline)

Sometimes, we’ll get small glint of hope that capitalism isn’t all bad. But we don’t trust it.

Royal Dutch Airlines joined in on the inclusivity effort last week when it tweeted a photo of three different options of seatbelt ends, and wrote:

It doesn't matter who you click with. Happy #PrideAmsterdam

A great message to send in the rup to LGBT Pride, but perhaps not totally thought through.

As you've probably already figured out; from the way the seat belts are set up - only one combination actually 'clicks' and 'works', thus undermining the important key point of inclusivity and acceptance that is Pride.

Unfortunately for the airline, their design flaw didn’t go down very well with some, who thought the analogy didn't work at all.

Some people were more forgiving, and appreciated the sentiment.

But it mostly just opened the flood gates for uninformed often homophobic tweets - which isn't the best way to start Pride.

We hope everyone had an awesome Pride in Amsterdam, Brighton, Belfast and everywhere else this weekend.

And if you are flying, no matter your sexuality or gender identity, always use a seatbelt.

A spokesperson from Royal Dutch Airlines told indy100:

We’ve seen a couple of comments. The statement we made with the image showing rainbow coloured safety belts is simply a metaphor that celebrates diversity. Safety for all passengers remains our primary priority. All passengers are required to use standard safety belts on KLM flights.

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