All the sexist things politicians have said in 2015 (so far)

Dina Rickman@dinarickman
Tuesday 16 June 2015 15:00

London's mayor and the new Conservative MP for Uxbridge Boris Johnson has defended scientist Tim Hunt's infamous "trouble with girls" comments.

Johnson claimed Professor Hunt was "pointing out a natural phenomenon" when he told a conference in South Korea that three things happen when women are in the lab: "You fall in love with them, they fall in love with you and when you criticise them, they cry."

In light of Johnson's intervention, we've rounded-up the worst sexist remarks made by politicians in 2015 so far. Expect this list to be updated... regularly.

Men are said to have differently shaped tear ducts, for instance, and can therefore retain the tears for longer before they splash down the cheek. Women are said to have more prolactin, a hormone associated with weeping. I would have thought that all this stuff could be filed as the latest stunning discovery from the University of the Bleeding Obvious.

The Treasury bench should behave better in these debates, she should be setting an example to your new members not cavorting about like some demented junior minister – behave yourself, woman.

  • Alex Salmond to Treasury minister Anna Soubry

Are you tanned all over?

  • An unidentified French politician to a female journalist, according to Liberation

I am happy that the prime minister of Bangladesh, despite being a woman, is openly saying that she has zero tolerance for terrorism.

  • Indian prime minister Narendra Modi on his Bangladeshi counterpart Sheikh Hasina

I’m yet to meet a feminist in Ukip – something that pleases me because feminists offend me.

Finally, we have a justice minister worthy of being featured on a calendar in an auto repair shop.

  • Former Israeli Cabinet member Joseph Paritsky on Ayelet Shaked (below)

There are other jobs in which you take six months off and come back and you find yourself behind the rest of the pack earning less money... [it is a] fact of life.

The wee lassie with the tin helmet on.

  • Labour's David Hamilton on Nicola Sturgeon

If Hillary Clinton can't satisfy her husband, what makes her think she can satisfy America?

Hallelujah. Mark Reckless out. Don't let the door hit your fat arse as you leave.

  • Claire Perry on Mark Reckless

Her No. 1 quality is that great smile she has. It’s true. She’s very disarming.

  • Senator Harry Reid on Elizabeth Warren

South Indian women are beautiful and so are their bodies... women in our parts [north India] are not so [beautiful]. They also know how to dance.

  • Senior Indian MP Sharad Yadav, referring to women's skin colour

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