All the times Tony Blair completely ruined Bill Clinton's vibe

Rebecca Reid@RebeccaCNReid
Friday 08 January 2016 11:00

The release of 500 pages of phone calls between Tony Blair and Bill Clinton has given us an insight into the workings of the "special relationship".

Communications between the two leaders from 1997 to 2000, released following a BBC FOI request, largely seemed to consist of Bill being quite goofy and Tony doing his bit to perpetuate British stereotypes by being intensely awkward:

Sometimes Bill tried to make conversation about something other than politics... But Tony was having none of it

No luck with bananas, but surely a conversation about unusual meats will get Tony talking? Or not...

Maybe films? No time for chit-chat. Tony shut him down

But Tony wasn't totally humourless. He did make one joke...

At least, we hope it was a joke.

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