British people have been listing the most confusing things about America

Louis Dor
Friday 01 April 2016 11:30
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Recently, a 16-year-old began criticising the British way of life and the little idiosyncracies of our island nation on

Their account has since made private, but the observations have brought a nation to its keyboards in revenge, specifically at witticisms such as:



Why do yall say maths like what's the point in making it plural it's just math


What the f--- is a scone it's called a biscuit.

Clearly there was a transgression and now a nation has to pay.

Shortly, #weirdthingsamericansdo became a trending topic on Twitter, as people began to point out certain blind spots in residents of the good ol' US of A.

They included at what age certain legal rights were introduced...


...the Imperial system...

weirdthingsamericansdo use fahrenheit instead of celcius

  • @phantomlrh_


WeirdThingsAmericansDo Call a liquid, gas.

  • @Alex__Butcher

...and this guy also heavily featured:

Picture: David Becker/Getty Images

So, clearly, now we have to decide what is the weirdest thing that the population of an entire nation does.

It's not cultural stereotyping, it's just a bit of fun, clearly.

And they drew first blood.

Vote in the ranked list, below:

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