An invention to restore your faith in humanity

Josh Barrie@JoshBythesea
Saturday 16 July 2016 12:10
Picture: Domino's India

There's an ancient Indian saying that goes: "In the darkest of times, look to Domino's".

And, as everything about us crumbles, the global pizza chain has once again sought to enliven the world with a new gastronomic monstrosity.

Yes, Domino's India has unleashed the #burgerpizza. It's a little more than two small pizzas sandwiched together. This dish is a constructed, actual burger-sized chicken and cheese sandwich enveloped in soft, padded dough slices. There are some peppers and onions in the mix too because #cleaneating.

Obviously, this is another move from Domino's to get attention and rake in the quick dollars. This is a company that's put hot dogs in its crusts, even small, 4cm across burger patties around the edges of its pizza pies.

You can't knock the creativity though. And a lot of people have been tucking in over in India.

It's going down pretty well...




(There isn't actually an Indian saying about Domino's, obviously.)

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