Are you an ARSE when you're drunk? Take the test

Drunk messaging, dancing like a crashing helicopter and generally being a social embarrassment are among the biggest motivators for people to change their drinking habits.

The level of your own drunken idiocy can be difficult to quantify, but fortunately there's now a pretty solid test for it.

Signposted in the Global Drug Survey 2015, released on Monday, is, a site that asks you a series of simple questions to establish how much of an ARSE you are (stands for Alcohol Related Social Embarrassment score).

Full disclosure, I got this:

The site determines a score by asking you how frequently you have experienced such classic misadventures on the sauce as losing belongings and vomiting in public.

"It’s not up to us to tell you if your ARSE score is too big. The question is does it matter to you that your ARSE score is big?" it concludes.

On a personal note, it warns: "Very few people with ARSE scores this big walk around the next week with no regrets and no people laughing or crying at them. But maybe you do. If you don’t, then take a seat. Is this a surprise? This is a diagnosable condition. Your ARSE score suggests you could be heading towards having a really huge ARSE score, with drinking regularly causing you real physical, social and probably emotional harm."

GDS 2015 found that 20-25 per cent of people were getting more drunk more often than they wanted to, while the Irish and Dutch reported needing to drink the most in order to feel ‘drunk’ and Germany were found to be the biggest lightweights.

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