This artist perfectly sums up the daily struggles of modern life

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Wednesday 14 December 2016 10:15
(Deya Muniz)

Summing up the daily struggles of being a woman in modern society isn’t easy, but Brazil-based cartoonist Deya Muniz has done a pretty good job of it:

(Deya Muniz/
(Deya Muniz/


(Deya Muniz/


(Deya Muniz/


(Deya Muniz/


(Deya Muniz/

(Deya Muniz/

Muniz, whose cartoons are featured on, told indy100:

I just draw funny things that happen in my life, or funny thoughts I have. 

I hope they make people laugh. Maybe they can relate to me on some level and feel justified in their weirdness. 

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