The internet can't decided whether this image is of a beach or a door

Greg Evans
Thursday 30 August 2018 12:30
Picture:(Twitter/ @rebeccareilly/ Screengrab)

It's that time of week again when everyone becomes obsessed with an optical illusion, which leads to lots of arguments online.

In recent times we've had the great 'what colour is the dress?' debate, and earlier this year we've had the Yanny or Laurel audio clip, which nobody could decide upon.

Now we have a new contender to the 'most frustrating thing you'll try and decipher on the internet' crown, which is a picture of a door. Or is a beach?

This viral tweet shared by Twitter user @rebeccareilly has retweeted more than18,000 times so far and has been ignited some fierce debates.

A lot of people seem convinced that it's a door.

However, the beach supporters were out in full force.

This person got very confused.

Someone posted a picture of the original beach image (with people in the sea and everything) and threatened to blow the whole thing wide open.

Others suggested that it might be something else altogether.

Eventually, Becky relented and revealed exactly what it was.

Despite the evidence, it's unlikely to end the debate, which has proved to be a little too much for some.

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