This bear found a sofa in a dump and he is living his best life

Mimi Launder
Sunday 08 October 2017 16:00
Picture:(Mandy Stantic)

We all want to just chill after a long day.

Even bears, apparently.

On a visit to the garbage jump earlier this month, Canadian nurse Mandy Stantic noticed a black bear kicking back in a very human way.

Picture: Mandy Stantic (Mandy Stantic)

Picture: Mandy Stantic (Mandy Stantic)

Stantic told CBC:

You don't see that very often. He's just posing, like a person.

So it just looked like he was ready to have some popcorn and chill.

You don't see animals kind of imitating [humans] - sitting with their legs crossed, arms over the chair there. 

Though the snap doesn't need any deeper meaning - it's stirring enough as it is - it may be significant that one philosopher saw a societal truth reflected in the shot.

Only the bear knew what message it was trying to convey, if any at all.

But one thing's for certain, we need to get this bear a Netflix account right now.


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