Guy thinks t-shirt from ex says 'I love you', actually means something completely different

Mimi Launder
Thursday 02 November 2017 16:15
Picture:(Twitter / @brohsen)

Anyone would feel moved if an ex gave them a gift - it means that despite everything, they stil care for you.

Or that's what this truly touched guy thought, when he received a t-shirt from his ex girlfriend.

Cheerily oblivious and apparently unable to use Google, he flaunted a t-shirt that said 'Bhenchod' on, believing it meant 'I love you' in a different language.

It took Twitter to point out that 'Bhenchod' is actually a Punjabi insult.

Punjabi-speakers on Twitter didn't hold back.

'Bhenchod' means... sister f**ker.

Thanks once again to the gullible among us for their noble sacrifices in the name of comedy.

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