A boy forgot his teddy at a hotel. So the hotel got it back to him in the cutest way

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Tuesday 08 January 2019 16:00
Picture:(iStock and Twitter screengrab )

If a child loses their favourite toy or blanket on holiday, parents know it’s DEFCON 1.

In these cases, children’s reactions to losing their beloved favourite thing can range from crying, to tantrums, to sleepless nights in which their parents also suffer.

Basically, no.

Anna Pickard, who is the creative director of voice, tone and words at Slack, revealed that she was having a ‘crappy’ day when she realised her son Doozer left his beloved teddy bear at a hotel they stayed at.

He’d been (understandably) upset, and she emailed the hotel to see if there was a white bear, called Sutro, there.

Pickard began:

Not only is it raining and I was back at work, but we realised last night that Doozer had left his beloved teddy bear at the hotel we stayed at, and that when we had to admit it, he was going to go from being worried (last night) to most upset.

It turns out, not only was Sutro at the hotel... but he'd made friends and was having a great time.

Hotel staff took Sutro for a walk, rented a cabana and even went to the pool.

Teddy got VIP treatment.

After Sutro had the time of his life, hotel staff were kind enough to check him out.

In fact, the good people of Grand Hyatt Kauai hotel in Hawaii sent her picture proof that Sutro was OK.

Not only did they treat Sutro like a mate, they even posted him home. More than 2,000 Twitter users 'liked' the thread (for obvious reasons).

And others shared their own experiences with awesome hotel staff.


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