Fashion brand slammed for using thin models to sell plus-size clothes

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Saturday 29 July 2017 12:00

Fashion retailer Boohoo has been accused by customers of using thin models for its plus-size clothes.

A number of Twitter users have contacted the company publicly, often sharing pictures of models and the details of their clothes sizes.

Holly pointed out a page on Boohoo's website that appears to show a size 6 model modelling plus-size clothes:

While a number of other users pointed out plus-size models who appeared to be more on the slim side:

Body positive campaign “Free to Be OK With Me,” accused the retailer of charging a “fat tax” by adding £5 extra for the same dress in a plus size.

They went on to share a number of other examples.

Jen Eastwood, who works for “Free to Be OK,” told Yahoo:

The use of non-plus models to represent plus-size lines encourages body dysmorphia, especially when [Boohoo’s] target market is largely young women vulnerable and impressionable to marketing.

indy100 has contacted Boohoo for comment.

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