Boris Johnson has been completely stitched up by the Sun

Louis Dor
Wednesday 29 June 2016 10:50

Following Brexit, Boris Johnson has been pretty quiet for a man that wanted to be Prime Minister.

This may be because he's made claims he no longer stands by, or maybe it's because he's realised he's being handed a country in chaos.

The Sun has called on Johnson and fellow Leave campaigner Michael Gove to honour promises made before the Brexit vote - which the newspaper backed firmly.

It warns:

Tomorrow we will know the truth as the two leaders of this triumphant campaign spell out their programme for Britain outside Europe.

They will honour ALL their promises to millions of Sun readers and others.

Former editor Kelvin MacKenzie has already registered regret for voting Leave, but anyway.

The key thing noticed by Twitter, other than the content of the list...

...was that Boris was holding, by means of Photoshop, a scroll.

Which as Tony Blair has taught us is a formula:

Here's a blank one so you can make your own:

Go crazy, internet.

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