Boyfriend claims girlfriend is his sister. Big mistake.

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Friday 10 March 2017 15:45
Picture:(To catch a cheater / YouTube)

When Patrick sat down in front of the cameras, he believed he was being filmed for an audition for game show.

When he thought the cameras had been turned off, he decided to flirt with the show’s “hostess," giving her a massage, touching her legs and eventually asked her for her Instagram.

Then, when she had a scroll through his photo feed, she asked about the woman who appeared to be his girlfriend.

He explained to her that she was in fact his sister.

Patrick went on to explain that he’s been single for two years because he’s been focused on his career.

What Patrick didn't know at the time, was that he was actually being filmed for a show called To Catch a Cheater – which is pretty self-explanatory.

His girlfriend of two years, Luis, ran on set after watching the whole thing, and said:

I’m your sister?! You swapped Instagrams with her, you’re putting your hands all over her.

Oh and hear it guys, he doesn't even have a f**king job.

Patrick then said his girlfriend was “embarrassing herself,” and once she left the set, he continued trying his luck with the hostess.

Watch the whole scene unfold here:

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