People in Europe have reclaimed the meaning of Brexit and we only have ourselves to blame

Andy Gregory
Thursday 11 July 2019 10:15
(Oli Scarff/AFP/Getty/Twitter)

That Brexit, and our government’s inability to deliver it, has decreased Britain’s standing around the world is a rare thing that both Leavers and Remainers can easily agree on.

While we’ve frequently heard this from diplomats and foreign politicians, by far the most devastating confirmation of this fact is that a new use of the term “to Brexit” has so casually entered the Polish lexicon.

The Evening Standard reported on Wednesday that Polish people have reclaimed Brexit to mean loudly announcing your intention to leave a party before staying for the next four to five hours.

While people are divided on whether it's an English or an Irish exit, others reported using similar terms.

Others took the analogy further.

HT Evening Standard

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