Can we predict your gender based on the last lie you told?

Louis Dor
Thursday 06 August 2015 18:00

An Australian advertising agency claims to have revealed the most common lies told by men and women as part of a five year study into online deceit.

The Works found that 50 per cent of all posts on Facebook, TripAdvisor, Instagram and Twitter contained dishonest sentiment.

They sampled half a million posts across social networks and used an algorithm which uses speech indicators to detect whether lies are present. They claim if a person uses the pronouns "I" or "me", they are less likely to be lying, as people distance themselves subconsciously from what they know are untruths. Overall, the deceit algorithm takes 4,553 indicators into consideration.

In the wake of the findings, we put together a quiz to see if we can guess your gender by the lies you regularly tell:

With regards to subject matter, men's lies were typically more about communication and less about purchases, whereas the inverse was true for women.

In addition, it was found that men and women lied for different reasons. Typically, women lied to make others feel good, whereas men were dishonest to make themselves look good.

The project website will continue to publish new updates as they arrive.

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