Can you spot the 'c' in this optical illusion?

Louis Dor
Tuesday 19 January 2016 19:00

There's been a trend in optical illusions and mind-bending puzzles in British news media outlets recently. For our role in this, we are deeply sorry.

For all the panda-related images to search through.

For the zig-zag patterns.

For everything.

But here's another.

The Sun has reported on an optical that is being shared on Facebook, claiming to be an eyetest of some sort.

The image has no claim to support its value as a test and is as pointless as it suggests on face-value.

We hope you enjoyed it.

In this vein..

...We decided to make our own:

Can you find the 'c' in a minute?

Oh, too easy you say?

Ok, how about this one?

Also found it quickly? Get you.

There's no saving you

Scroll down for answers...


i100 Number One:

i100 Number Two:

​​i100 Number Three:

There was no c.

Yes. We know, we're monsters.

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