Can you work out all the answers to this fiendishly difficult children's logic puzzle?

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Friday 25 March 2016 17:20

Stuck for something to do this Easter weekend and have a spare five minutes? Stick the kettle on and take a good look at this picture:

It's said to be from an old children's magazine and has been doing the rounds on the internet recently.

But can you work out the answers? Some are much easier than others...

1. How many tourists are staying at this camp?

2. When did they arrive: today or a few days ago?

3. How did they get here?

4. How far away is the closest town?

5. Where does the wind blow from: north or south?

6. What time of day is it?

7. Where did Alex go?

8. Who was on duty yesterday?

9. What day is it today?

Scroll down for the answers...


1. There are four tourists.

You can see four spoons on the picnic blanket and there are four names on the duty list.

2. They arrived a few days ago

A spider was able to build a spiderweb between their tent and a tree in the due time.

3. They got there by boat

There are oars by the tree.

4. No, a village is not far

There's a chicken wandering around - which suggests a village is quite close.

5. The wind is blowing from the south

A flag that shows the wind direction is on top of the tent. How are you supposed to know which direction is which? Branches on the southern side of trees are normally longer (at least if you're in the Northern Hemisphere).

6. It’s morning

Based on an answer for the previous question, you know how to tell south from north. Now you can do the same with east and west and figure out the time based on the shadows.

7. Alex is catching butterflies

You can see his net behind the tent.

8. Colin was on duty yesterday

Colin is looking for something in his backpack (it’s marked with a 'C'). Alex is catching butterflies. James is taking pictures (you can see a camera tripod sticking out of his bag). That means it must be Peter on duty today, and therefore, according to the list, Colin was on duty yesterday.

9. Today is August 8th...

Peter is on duty, according to the list, and there is a watermelon on the ground (watermelons ripen in August).

We did say some were more difficult than others...

HT Patricia Lynn

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